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Development Update The Tsunamods team has decided to create it's own branch of 7th Heaven. From now on the team will look after, update and maintain this version of 7th Heaven. You will know if you are using it because it will say "Maintained by the Tsunamods Team" in the top bar of the program.

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7th Heaven

About 7th Heaven

7th Heaven is a modification manager for the game Final Fantasy VII for the PC. It is named after Tifa's bar and hideout for the group AVALANCHE.

Mods allow you to change nearly any aspect of the game, including, but not limited to: music, movies, SFX, character/NPC/enemy models, gameplay, battle/world/field textures, animations, skill/spell effects, user interface, dialogue, tweaks and cheats, and more.

7th Heaven is unique in that it lets you easily activate and deactivate mods using a convenient user interface (GUI) without needing to permanently alter your game or mess with complicated mod file/folder installs. You can quickly try out a mod and keep or uninstall it without affecting your game installation. It accomplishes this by intercepting (hooking) the game's requests for resources (models, music, textures, etc.) and instead supplies an alternate copy of that resource from the mods you have installed and activated. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall Final Fantasy 7 if a mod causes a problem or is no longer desired.
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The developers wish to thank you for using 7th Heaven.

7th Heaven Developers
Bonez, Chrysalis, Kuraudo, LaZar00, Lord Urquan, Myst6re, TrueOdin, sjenkins, Vertex2995 (Current)
Martin Barker, rodriada, unaBomb (2.0/2.2)
Ficedula, Iros, TrueOdin, TurBoss (1.x)

7th Heaven hosting platform

Final Fantasy 7 Modding community.

Qhimm Community

Tsunamods Community

Download 7th Heaven

Download the file and extract the files. You do NOT need to install a previous version to use/upgrade to the latest version. You can install over any previous version into the same folder if you wish. Direct download is available below.

7th Heaven 3.x (Stable Build)

7th Heaven Setup Executable

The latest canary build can be obtained on the following link. This has the latest experimental features we are working on and may be buggy.
Download 7th Heaven Tsunamods Canary Build

The installer should automatically install the dependencies. Only the installer from this website or the git hub project page (latest version) is supported.

For support please join the tsunamods discord. Tsunamods Discord.

We make every effort to ensure you can download 7th Heaven as well as the mods without needing to sign up to any site, no download limits and no tracking/adverts, We would appreciate any donations to help cover the costs of the hosting platform.
Please click here to donate securely via PayPal

In addition 7th Heaven itself now supports direct donations to mod developers, please if you like the work a mod developer has done consider giving a donation which is now possible by clicking the donation link in the left mod info box.

Download Mods

This list contains only mods hosted directly on the 7thheaven.rocks server and its mirrors. There are a lot more mods in the 'Browse Catalog' tab.

*New in 7th Heaven 2.2!* You can now click the icon next to a mod below to immediately start a direct download of it in 7th Heaven. Your browser may prompt you if it is OK to open with 7th Heaven, and if so, click yes. Note: You must have the 'Open iros:// links with 7th Heaven' option turned on in your 'General Settings'.


    Due to unusual heavy traffic, mods hosted on the 7thHeaven Server can currently only be downloaded from the catalog inside the mod manager.
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